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Ugrid Obstacle to Trees Analysis(UOTA)
Ugrid obstacle to trees analysis is a software based on image dense point cloud matching and stereoscopic mapping technology, in view of the power line channel wire sag modeling, bamboo tree of line channel protection zones may be hidden, across the distance and safety analysis, and according to the safe distance of different level of line standard to distinguish the different defect levels, it identifies defects accurately, and automatically onekey generate defects report on obstacle to trees.

√ Compatible with laser point cloud and visible light point cloud, realize 3D laser point cloud rendering.

√ Support diverse data which collected by multi-rotor, fixed-wing and online robots .

√ It can simulate temperature working condition, such as the function of temperature working condition simulation for power lines, and the sag changes of power lines simulation at different temperatures.

√ Calculation to pole tower height .it can automatic calculate the tower top height and tower nominal height.

√ Calculation to crossing material, automatic calculation and measurement of railway, highway, river, power line and other crossing material under the power line.
Product detail

?The obstacle of trees?analysis?is a statistical evaluation software developed for the analysis of tree barrier hazards. It realizes the transformation of tree barrier analysis from artificial field measurement to UAV?assisted automatic measurement, improves the efficiency and quality of obstacle of tree?analysis, and uses intelligent technology to guarantee the safety of power grid. Based on image dense point cloud matching and stereoscopic mapping technology, the software is used for wire sag modeling, tree barrier safety distance analysis and crossover distance measurement for transmission line channels.

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Combining?with the data?achievements of UAV?,the system?uses?the?UAV?high-definition image to measure a small number of?homonymy?points, which under the power line, semi-automatically and uniformly,?,?then obtain the power line trajectory according to the suspension line formula.

At the same time, the point cloud data is classified to distinguish the ground from the surface, for calculating the?accurate distance between the power line and the ground surface.?Finally,?the system carries out the hazard analysis?automatically, highlights the hazard points, and automatically?generates the hazard points analysis report on?the tree barrier under real-time working conditions.?

Compared with the laser radar?technique, this system reduces the technical and economic threshold for the prevention of hidden tree barriers, and supplies?decision?basis for power grid fault troubleshooting, daily inspection, emergency inspection, etc.

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